Sloth Personality Test

Adjust the Test Results on Your Own

This page is a continuation of “Personality Test”


Now you will see the results of the personality test.

But first, a word of caution.

This is necessary to get a more accurate understanding of your personality type.

Please don’t skip over this.


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This Personality Test Needs Your Help!


Personality tests, in which results are given simply by answering Yes or No, are convenient, but the results tend to be inaccurate.

This is because the subtle feelings of “neither Yes nor No can be determined” are ignored.


Therefore, I purposely adopted the method of having you tally the data by yourselves.

You may find these methods inconvenient, but you will get more accurate results this way.



When It Is Hard to Decide Which Type…


You have taken the Personality Test, and now you have four letters that refer to your personality.

But a word of advice.


Suppose the result of the Personality Test was as follows.

E = 7・・・・・・I = 2

S = 3・・・・・・N = 6

T = 8・・・・・・F = 1

J = 2・・・・・・P = 7

If you get the above results, you are almost certainly an ENTP type.


But if you get the following results, you need to think a little more carefully.

E = 7・・・・・・I = 2

S = 3・・・・・・N = 6

T = 4・・・・・・F = 5

J = 2・・・・・・P = 7

The above results indicate that the ENFP type.

However, the difference between T and F is only 1 point.

Perhaps F just happened to be 5 points, and T would have been 5 points if the question had been different.


In that case, go back to the Personality Theory and consider whether you should be determined to be T or F.


If you cannot decide between T and F, you may have both sides of them in your personality.

Therefore, you need to read both ENTP and ENFP descriptions.


These cases aren’t uncommon!



Now click on your personality type in the table below.

Personality Types This person looks like…
ESTJ Keeper of Social Order
ESTP Action First!
ESFJ Affectionate Meddler
ESFP Pleasure-Seeker
ENTJ Argumentative Idealist
ENTP Thought Experimenter
ENFJ Supportive Teammate
ENFP School Festival Planner
ISTJ Earnest Model Student
ISTP Lone Wolf Technician
ISFJ Behind-the-scenes supporter
ISFP Friendly Gardener
INTJ Strategic Planner
INTP Philosopher Pondering Alone
INFJ Stubborn Missionary
INFP Romantic Hermit



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