Sloth Personality Test

Personality Test Based on the Original Jungian Theory, Not MBTI

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You may have heard of MBTI.

It is a kind of personality test invented by American researchers.

However, MBTI has a source, which is Jungian psychology.


I have been studying Jungian psychology and wanted to create a personality test that everyone can easily do online.

One day, however, I happened to know about MBTI and did a little research on this one as well.


MBTI is interesting in that it classifies people’s personalities into 16 types.

On the other hand, Jungian psychology generally classifies them into 8 types.


Generally speaking, it seems more interesting to have 16 personality types than 8.

However, as I studied the MBTI, I began to think, “Perhaps this theory is wrong.”



This is the opinion of most psychologists rather than my opinion


So after much thought, I decided to create a personality test that would meet the following criterion:

At first glance, it looks like MBTI, with 16 different types.

But the basis of the test is closer to the original Jungian psychology.


With this in mind, I created the original Personality Test.


I’ve incorporated my observations, so there’s a bit of a unique perspective in there, too


First, you will be asked to have a short personality test.

However, it is much simpler than similar tests you had on other websites.


That test is so simple that I’m sure you’re thinking, “Is this OK?”


However, the method of judgment is reliable.

Also, the explanations of each personality type are so detailed.

You will be convinced if you try it.


So, now it’s time to take the Sloth Personality Test!

Personality Test



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