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Sensation and Intuition: How to Perceive the World

This page is a continuation of “Personality Theory”


Understanding the difference between sensation and intuitive type will help you know your talents.

It also provides clues to finding the right profession for you.


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Five Senses or The Sixth Sense?


We live by repeatedly taking in information from our surroundings and making decisions based on that information.


In psychology, this “taking in information” is called perception.

And we have two functions to perceive.

Those are sensation and intuition.


Sensation type


Sensation means the five senses, i.e.



People who value information obtained through the five senses tend to value real things that can be confirmed with their physical bodies.


So, the reality is more important than fantasy for them.

They are just realists.


Psychologically speaking, people who are good at dealing with numbers are also Sensing types
For example, reading financial statements…


Intuitive types


Intuition is inspiration, or in other words, the sixth sense.

People with good intuition believe that information obtained intuitively is more valuable than information obtained by the five senses.

This is because they believe that the true nature of things can only be understood through intuition.


They are more concerned with the future than the present and tend to pursue their dreams rather than reality.

Therefore, they are idealists.


People who have philosophies and talk passionately about their future are intuitive



Observation or Insight?


Imagine if you traveled to Greece and visited the famous Parthenon.


If you are a sensation type…

Wow, this is a magnificent pillar.

And you tap the marble pillar with your hand to feel it.

It looks like 2 meters in diameter and more than 10 meters high.

But how many pillars are there?

It is indeed very damaged, and one could almost call it abandoned.

But how could they have built such a magnificent temple 2,500 years ago without cranes or other heavy construction equipment?

You will be impressed by the Parthenon as such a realistic structure.


If you are an intuitive type…

What a beautiful temple!

The magnificence of the marble is impressive.

It looks as if the Greek gods might descend upon it.

Perhaps this structure reflects the ideal worldview of the people of that time.

It may be a ruin now, but there is something romantic about these old marble columns...

In this way, you will be impressed by the atmosphere of the Parthenon.



From this example, we can derive the following keywords for each type.

Sensation type:
reality, observational, objective

Intuitive type:
ideal, insightful, subjective



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Personality Mismatches Lead To Dissatisfaction.


Sensation types and intuitive types sometimes misunderstand each other.


Sensation Types Are Dissatisfied With Intuitive Types


Intuitive types are…

They always say dreamy things.

They try to escape from reality.

They only talk logic and hardly act.


Intuitive Types Are Dissatisfied With Sensation Types


Sensation types are…

They are poor in imagination.

They have no dreams.

They only care about making money.


Personality Mismatches Can Ruin Dates…


When lovers of a sensation type and an intuitive type choose a restaurant for dinner, they may have a slight difference of opinion.


Imagine a scene like this, for example.

The man, a sensation type, who has a discerning and gourmet palate, thinks of having a good meal.

He will take her to a restaurant where he is sure she will be satisfied with the taste.


On the other hand, the girlfriend, an intuitive type, thinks as follows.

It certainly has to taste good, but she also wants to dine at a restaurant with a good atmosphere because the day was the first anniversary of their first meeting.


However, the restaurant’s interior was a bit drab or not to her liking, so she didn’t feel that the food was so tasty.


For sensation types, the reality of taste never changes
But for intuitive types, taste depends on the atmosphere


Mozart’s music and speakers


Two people, one a sensation type and the other an intuitive type, are talking about Mozart’s music.


The intuitive type said of Mozart’s music

This sounds like music made by God.!


The man of sensation type, listening to the intuitive type talking enthusiastically about Mozart’s music, thinks:

How can he enjoy Mozart’s music with such a poor audio set?

Unfortunately, it would be impossible to understand the essence of Mozart’s music with a speaker like that.


On the other hand, the intuitive type thinks the following in his mind toward the sensation type:

He says he likes Mozart, but I wonder if he understands the artistry of Mozart.

He is simply listening to Mozart to check the sound of his sophisticated speaker, isn’t he?


Sensation types are concerned with the sound quality itself
Intuitive types are concerned with the level of completion of the music, not with the sound itself



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