Sloth Personality Test

A Simple Psychological Test Would Suffice!

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First, you will take a short test.

The questionnaire is divided into four groups, with nine questions for each group.


After reading and comparing each question left and right, please check the one you feel applies to you.


If you are unsure, choose with the feeling of “if you dare to choose”


You may think, “This is too simple for a personality test…”

But you can later use Jungian psychological theory to reconsider the test results yourself.

So this is enough for a personality test.


To tell the truth, if you understand the theory, you can analyze your personality without taking the test


As mentioned on the previous page, it would be helpful for you to read the following article before taking the test.


Now, let’s get started with the personality test!

Being in a lively place energizes me. I’m more relaxed and feel better when I’m alone.
I start talking anyway before thinking about what to say.
I am relaxed when I talk with new people.

※If you have “E” more than “I”, you are E-type.
Conversely, if you have “I” more than “E”, you are I-type.


I don’t want to change jobs or workplaces frequently. I get bored with the same job or workplace for a long time.
Appearance usually manifests a person’s true nature. Appearance is often different from a person’s true nature.

※If you have “S” more than “N”, you are S-type.
Conversely, if you have “N” more than “S”, you are N-type.


I agree with the logically correct ideas. I agree with ideas that I can relate to.
Others’ opinions seldom influence me. Others’ opinions easily influence me.
I am willing to point out the mistakes and errors of others. I don’t make others feel embarrassed by pointing out their mistakes.
What’s essential for an organization is a transparent chain of command. The most important thing for an organization is to care for each other.
I refuse requests I don’t like on the spot. I feel uncomfortable refusing a request right away.
I don’t try to force myself to fit in with others. I hold back what I want to say to avoid conflict.
There should be no exceptions to rules. Rules can have exceptions.
I speak straight so that others don’t misunderstand. I speak in a way that doesn’t offend the other person.
I don’t even want to face people I dislike. I can deal superficially well with people I don’t like.

※If you have “T” more than “F”, you are T-type.
Conversely, if you have “F” more than “T”, you are F-type.


I feel better when I conclude quickly. I tend to procrastinate conclusions.
I make detailed plans before I travel. I like to travel without planning.
I tend to categorize others as friends or enemies. I seldom categorize others as friends or enemies.
I would start anyway, even if I lack information. I always start with enough information.
I can’t enjoy the unexpected happening. I don’t mind the unexpected happening.
I am quick to prioritize what to do. I do what I have to do at the same time.
I’m a quick judge of a person’s character and abilities. It takes a long time to understand others fully.
Deadlines always make me more motivated. Deadlines always make my work end halfway.
There are good people and bad people in the world. Everyone has both a good and bad side.

※If you have “J” more than “P”, you are J-type.
Conversely, if you have “P” more than “J”, you are P-type.


From the results of the above test, we get 16 different patterns as follows:




If you want to know the basics of Jungian psychology, please see the following page.

“Personality Theory”

You can skip this Psychological Types explanation once, but please read it later


If you want to know the result of the Test first, please see the following page.

“Test Result”

If you want to know your personality type first, please click above



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