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ISTJ: Earnest Model Student



ISTJs are the personality type that follows the rules and works hard, and they don’t dream of a great future.

Nor are they the type to make unrewarding efforts.

From this point of view

“ISTJs aren’t deeply troubled and live their lives without much trouble.



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ISTJs Value Their Inner Sense of Self


ISTJ, interpreted according to Jungian theory, probably refers to the following psychological types.

Introverted thinking type

The superior function is thinking.

The auxiliary functions are sensation and intuition,

but the sensation is stronger than intuition.


Below is a diagram that illustrates the above.

In this type, the feeling is the inferior function.

Incidentally, Jungian theory explains that the other three functions are introverted when the superior function is extroverted.

And conversely, when the superior function is introverted, the other three are extroverted.

(In the MBTI, only the interpretation of introversion follows this rule.)


However, the MBTI interprets it differently from the above Jungian theory, shown in the table below:

Dominant Introverted Sensing
Auxiliary Extroverted Thinking
Tertiary Extroverted Feeling
Inferior Extroverted Intuition


I describe personality types on this site with four letters, just like the MBTI.

However, I follow Jungian theory as much as possible when explaining personality theories.

This is because those who have studied the MBTI can broaden (or change?) their thinking by learning the original and correct Jung’s theory.


Looking at the MBTI theory as a whole, it is relatively similar to Jungian theory in the case of extroverts.

But it deviates considerably from Jungian theory in the case of introverts.



First, I will explain the sensation of ISTJs.


Since ISTJs are introverted overall, their sensation is also expected to work in an introverted manner.


This can be put as follows:

Value one’s internal sensation.


Sensation in psychology is knowing the natural world through the five senses, such as the eyes and ears.

And in this type of case, you can say that the sensation is used in their mind.


That may be a little difficult to understand.

So consider the following.

Normally, with an extroverted sensation, you go outside and enjoy the scenery.

However, for introverted sensation, the first step is to take a picture of the scenery, look at it in the room, enjoy it… and so on.


In other words, for introverted sensation, the sceneries in the photograph feel more alive than the actual scenery, and they enjoy it more.


You may wonder if there is such a person.

But there are many people who, for example, have trouble having cats, but love to watch cat videos…

That is exactly similar to an introverted sensation.


It is said that the number of these introverted sensation types is increasing these days!

Many of them enjoy virtual experiences on the Internet more than real experiences



After reading the ESTJ description on this page, you may feel it does not apply to you.

In that case, the result of the test can be wrong.


If so, please read the following article.

Here is the most important thing to know about personality tests.

Taking personality tests can be harmful!



Seeing Reality in Numbers and Data


ISTJs are said to have an introverted sensation and thinking, and what personality traits are these?


Before we consider that, let’s think about the people who love the “cat in the video” I mentioned earlier.


If someone says, “I don’t want to have a cat because it’s too much work to take care of, but the cat in the video is so cute,” then the person is ISF-, not IST-.

That is, “Introverted sensation + feeling.”

In other words, it is a pattern in which the introverted sensation is combined with the person’s feeling.


In contrast, ISTJs with “introverted sensation + thinking” might be interested in, for example, the following instead of cats in the videos.

Statistical data


Programming code


This is not about  moving objects (e.g., cute animals) but about things that make you think with your head.


Of course, there are people who like both cats in videos and programming.

Personality types are just tendencies


Some people of this type say, “As long as I look at a company’s financial statements, I can understand the state of its management without having to look at the actual site.


Others may say, “I have been in the accounting field for 30 years since I joined the company.


Some programmers may think the world they code is another reality (like in the movie “The Matrix”).

ISTJ might be one of them.


Other people who specialize in statistics are also likely to be ISTJs.


In short, people who know more by looking at numbers and data than by looking at the actual thing itself.



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Self-Contained Personality


Next, consider what the ISTJ looks like to those around him.


Introverts have a “world of their own” where they aren’t disturbed by anyone.

They are also thinking types, so when they think about an issue, they always have the attitude of asking themselves.


Although this type of person always seems to be thinking about something, the people around them have no idea what they are feeling or thinking.


Also, ISTJs don’t seem to want others to understand their thinking.

If they have a problem, they don’t consult others but think about and solve it themselves.


In this sense, they are self-contained people.



They are also not interested in the wider world but tend to stick to one thing at a time.

For example, they are particular about programming.

In this sense, they are somewhat “nerd” like.



They try to make only a few friends.

They also think they don’t need friends in the first place.


This is because they are introverts, and meeting people is itself a waste of energy.

In their case, their energy is restored by enjoying their alone time.


When they are alone, it is their time to recharge


The ISTJ personality tendency to “not value human interaction” also affects romantic relationships.

Many people of this type (just as a tendency) seem to be uninterested in romance.

This is not necessarily a problem, but it is a bit regrettable that they may be unaware of appeals from the opposite sex.


This means that if the opposite sex likes an ISTJ, the ISTJ won’t notice it.


Because they are interested in their inner self, they are indifferent to outside information



Live a Diligent and Steady Life


So, is this ISTJ a socially unfit personality?

Actually, not at all; on the contrary.


ISTJs have their particular way of life.

But they seldom deviate from the rules of society.


This is because social rules are based on data about the safest way to live.


As long as we follow the rules, we rarely fail.

That is why ISTJ, which emphasizes data analysis, does not need to go out of its way to break the rules and venture out.


In other words, they live a steady life, so they don’t make mistakes.

They are stable and don’t venture.

So they are the type of model students who are reasonably dependable in society.


ISTJs are also sensation types, so they are realists and maintainers of the status quo.

Therefore, they seldom take on new challenges.

However, they are people who do their assigned tasks perfectly.


They don’t seem to be bothered by tasks that others would find tedious



Look at the Big Picture!


As mentioned, ISTJs are good at analyzing reality from data and other information.

On the contrary, however, they tend to

Not good at predicting the future from data information.


ISTJs are good at understanding a company’s current status from its financial statements and finding problems.

However, they aren’t good at forecasting the company’s future, making new plans, or discovering new markets from the financial statements.


The reason is that a lot of ISTJs have underdeveloped intuition.

They aren’t good at thinking about dreams, ideals, and the future.

On the contrary, they don’t seem interested in such things in the first place.


Therefore, they don’t often come up with the idea that “the world will move in this way in the future, so I will move in this way.”

They are more likely to think, “The world is moving in this way now, so I will move in this way.”


In this sense, ISTJs are keen observers of the “now,” but they lack imagination about the future.


Another common weakness of ISTJs is that they tend to focus too much on details and lose sight of the big picture.

This means that they aren’t good at seeing the big picture.


This also comes from a lack of intuition, especially extroverted intuition.


The opposite of the introverted sensation is the extroverted intuition



Summary of ISTJ type


ISTJs are quiet, diligent, and methodical.

Here is a summary of the characteristics of the ISTJ who is such a model student.

Tendency to stick to one thing, like a “Nerd.

Ability to read the real world from numbers and data.

Many are self-contained.

A person who follows the rules and lives a steady, diligent life.

Little interest in dreams, the future, or ideals.

Focus more on the big picture rather than the details.



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