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ISFJ: Behind-the-Scenes Supporter



If you were in a position to be called a boss, you would want someone like ISFJ as your subordinate.

Because ISFJs are precisely what the organization needs.

However, as times change, so do the requirements for human resources.

What kind of ideas should ISFJs have for their lives in the future?



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Good Worker, but Not Self-Assertive


ISFJ, interpreted according to Jungian theory, probably refers to the following psychological types.

Introverted feeling type

The superior function is feeling.

The auxiliary functions are sensation and intuition,

but the sensation is stronger than intuition.


Below is a figure that illustrates the above.

In this type, thinking is the inferior function.

Incidentally, Jungian theory explains that the other three functions are introverted when the superior function is extroverted.

And conversely, when the superior function is introverted, the other three are extroverted.

(In the MBTI, only the interpretation of introversion follows this rule.)


However, the MBTI interprets it differently from the above Jungian theory, shown in the table below.

Dominant Introverted Sensing
Auxiliary Extroverted Feeling
Tertiary Extroverted Thinking
Inferior Extroverted Intuition


I describe personality types on this site with four letters, “just like the MBTI.

However, I follow Jungian theory as much as possible when explaining personality theories.

This is because those who have studied the MBTI can broaden (or change?) their thinking by learning the original and correct Jungian theory.


Looking at the MBTI theory as a whole, it is relatively similar to Jungian theory in the case of extroverts.

But it deviates considerably from Jungian theory in the case of introverts.



Many introverted people with well-developed sensation types are very focused on their world.

However, ISFJs have also developed the feeling function, which makes them friendly to those around them.


ISFJs are also realists.

Therefore, this type of person always tries to accept things as they are.


That’s why their bosses will be easy to deal with them


ISFJs don’t dream of paradise in their fantasies, even if they are dissatisfied with the current situation.

They don’t escape from reality and try to do their part.


In short, ISFJs don’t assert themselves.

Instead, they are the kind of people who want to serve the world.



After reading the ISFJ description on this page, you may feel it does not apply to you.

In that case, the result of the test can be wrong.


If so, please read the following article.

Here is the most important thing to know about personality tests.

Taking personality tests can be harmful!



Inconspicuous but Nice People


At first glance, ISFJs don’t have strong personalities.

So it isn’t easy to understand them at first.

But perhaps many people have the following impression of ISFJ.

  • Gentle
  • Modest
  • Reserved
  • Unobtrusive
  • Hard-working
  • Devoted to others
  • But has his ideas
  • Earnest
  • neat
  • speak politely


These people would be “quiet men” if they were men or “old-fashioned women” if they were women.

Therefore, they are the type of people who are relatively inconspicuous in this competitive society.


However, many ISFJs have a strong sense of duty, so they take the work they have to do seriously.

Besides, they also show consideration for others.


In addition, since they aren’t so assertive, they rarely get into trouble in their relationships with others.

So they can adapt to and live in an organization.


Rather than “rising to the top” in an organization, they continue to work silently as a behind-the-scenes supporter, even though they are inconspicuous.



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Good People, But Can’t Say “No”


Generally speaking, ISFJs are very good and kind people.

Because of this, those around them tend to ask them to do things.

Moreover, a lot at once!


Then they seem to feel “Oh dear” in their hearts.

However, because they seem to think that they must meet the expectations of others, they are unable to say “No” to any request.


After all, they are appreciated by those around them, but they may be treated as handymen.


Of course, some people take advantage of ISFJs, knowing their nature.

ISFJ needs to take a firm stance against such people.

Otherwise, they will waste themselves unnecessarily.



Not in the habit of seeing the big picture


Another weakness of ISFJs is that they are too focused on reality due to their strong sensation.


Indeed, ISFJs aren’t the type to escape reality, as is often the case with intuitive types.

They are genuinely down-to-earth.


However, because ISFJs are pragmatists, they tend to be preoccupied with immediate problems.


They aren’t in the habit of thinking about dreams and ideals because they are only concerned with what is in front of them.

This leads to a narrow vision and a lack of insight into the future.


These personality traits are also evident in their work.

They do the work they are ordered to do but don’t add anything more to it with their originality and ingenuity.

If you are disappointed with ISFJs, it is probably because of this.


You could say this type of person is like a piece of machinery



There are a lot of jobs, professions, and workplaces everywhere that are suitable for ISFJs because this society always needs people like ISFJs.


After all, there are many good things about ISFJs: they are loyal to the organization, responsible, and punctual…


They are indeed a role model for employees.


To be honest, I admire these people



Summary of ISFJ type


Finally, I will summarize some key points about ISFJ types.

A realist who accepts this world as it is.

Having own ideas, but not too self-assertive.

Quiet and a bit old-fashioned in character.

Strong sense of duty and needed in an organization.

Not good at seeing the big picture.

Competent and therefore needed in society.



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