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INTJ: Strategic Planner



INTJs may live to demonstrate their competence.

They are indeed competent.


On the other hand, however, regrettably, we also see many INTJs who aren’t well-liked.

If only they could overcome that part of their personality, this type could make a big change for the better.



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INTJs Are Quick-witted Reformers


INTJ, interpreted according to Jung’s theory, probably refers to the following psychological types.

Introverted thinking type

The superior function is thinking.

The auxiliary functions are intuition and sensation.

but intuition is stronger than sensation.


Below is a diagram that illustrates the above.

In this type, feeling is the inferior function.

Incidentally, Jungian theory explains that when the superior function is extroverted, the other three functions are introverted.

And conversely, when the superior function is introverted, the other three are extroverted.

(In the MBTI, only the interpretation of introversion follows this rule.)


However, the MBTI interprets it differently from the above Jungian theory, which is shown in the table below.

Dominant Introverted Intuition
Auxiliary Extroverted Thinking
Tertiary Extroverted Feeling
Inferior Extroverted Sensing


I describe personality types on this site with four letters, “just like the MBTI.

However, I follow Jung’s theory as much as possible when explaining personality theories.

This is because we believe that those who have studied the MBTI up to now can broaden (or change?) their thinking by learning the original and correct Jung’s theory.


Looking at the MBTI theory as a whole, it is relatively similar to Jungian theory in the case of extroverts.

But it deviates considerably from Jungian theory in the case of introverts.


Right Answers Come to Mind Before Thinking


A well-developed intuition means that the ideal form or the correct answer appears quickly in your mind.

That is, in the case of INTJs, what to do comes to mind before thinking about it or examining it in detail.


However, they cannot explain it to others, so they have to come up with a theory.

In this case, it is the thinking function that does the reasoning perfectly.


However, some INTJs try to defeat their opponents with quibbles


There are also mathematicians and physicists, for example, who are of the type described above.

Some of them come up with formulas or laws first and then think of ways to prove them.

Those people are also likely to be INTJs.


Perfectionist and Reformer


To INTJs, everything in this world seems to be just barely passable or otherwise unacceptable.


So they seem to think that it is their mission to improve them to a perfect level through their efforts.


INTJs are usually quiet and polite, but their vibes change when they are working.

And they naturally start looking for things to improve.


The reason for this tendency is that INTJs believe that perfection is the ideal.


People with strong intuition are basically idealists.
But when that goes too far, they become perfectionists


The perfect ideal is seldom found.

But it exists in their minds.


This type of person has the desire to give form to that ideal in the world.


Perhaps INTJs see themselves as saviors who will reform the incomplete world.



After reading the ESTJ description on this page, you may feel it does not apply to you.

In that case, there is a possibility that the result of the test is wrong.


If so, please read the following article.

Here is the most important thing to know about personality tests.

Taking personality tests can be harmful!



Good at Strategic Thinking


Many INTJs seem to be good at strategic thinking about the future.


What is strategic thinking?

It is a way of thinking that first clarifies the goal, then logically figures out the challenges to get there and how to overcome them.


They don’t live like gamblers


Why are INTJs able to think strategically?

First of all, they can intuitively envision an ideal goal.

Then, they can logically think of the best way to accomplish it.


Therefore, if they become leaders in their organizations, they will be able to demonstrate their abilities as excellent strategic planners.


But to do so, the ISTJs need to be given the power to run the organization.

The ISTJs can only exert their abilities when the other members follow their orders.



However, INTJs tend to demand high competence from their subordinates from the beginning.


They don’t think of training subordinates who are less capable.

Rather, they may even feel that subordinates who don’t work well are unnecessary.


In other words, this type of person needs excellent subordinates to demonstrate their power as excellent Strategic Planners.



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Are They Respected by Their Subordinates?


As mentioned above, INTJs are excellent strategic planners.

However, the strategies planned by this type are only for subordinates who can follow them.


Therefore, if some subordinates aren’t able to follow their strategies, INTJs may not care at all about their confusion.

Instead, they even get annoyed with such subordinates.


Perhaps INTJs don’t understand the feelings of less capable people



INTJs also tend to be reluctant to do work that has nothing to do with strategic planning, which is their mission.


This is because they don’t like to be bothered with relationships and emotions.

They don’t want to be involved in such things, and they don’t want to think about them.



Such personality traits in INTJs come from their underdeveloped feeling function.

In particular, the extroverted feeling, namely a lack of empathy for others, is the cause.


For INTJs, other people are like chess pieces.

This means that they don’t have an emotional attachment to each piece.


Because of these INTJs’ personalities, people often think of them as misanthropic and uninterested in others.


In some cases, they may even be disliked because they are thought to have bad personalities.

However, for INTJs, such things aren’t important.


They aren’t interested in what others think of them


In general, INTJs are competent strategists, but unfortunately, they may not be the type that people respect.



How INTJs Can Develop Themselves


Again, the strength of INTJs is their ability to think strategically.

In recent years, however, this strategic thinking has often proved to be useless.


This is because there are more and more unexpected events in the world today.


In such times, it is difficult for even the most competent strategist to predict the future.


So for INTJs to receive warm support from their peers even when they fail, they need to be “likable” too.


Likeable people may not be so much to blame when they fail


This may sound a bit cynical, but they should consider a strategy to have their subordinates like them.



Summary of INTJ type


INTJs are smart, but there are a few things about themselves that need to be reformed as well.


In closing, here is a summary of INTJs.

Knows the right answer before thinking.

Good at planning strategies.

They have their ideal vision of everything.

Their mission is to reform the world.

They look at people with an emphasis on ability.

Hard to be respected by subordinates.

Should formulate strategies to reform themselves.



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