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ESTJ: Keeper of Social Order


ESTJs are, so to speak, the personality type like winners in a competitive society.

Therefore, their influence on other types of people is also much strong.


I want ESTJs to read this article most, but more than that, I hope that non-ESTJs will use this as a reference when dealing with ESTJs.



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Realists Wanting to Take the Initiative


ESTJ is an extroverted thinking type.

And it is thought to be assisted by sensation function.


The extroverted thinking type:

Accepts reality as it is

and tries to deal with it rationally.



Thinking types are rarely driven by feeling or mood and do not start something on the spur of the moment.


They also don’t make decisions based on mere likes and dislikes.

On the contrary, they try to make decisions based on rational thinking.


Thus, they reject the absurdity and ambiguity of society.

On the other hand, they like a well-regulated and controlled (so, a little free) society.


The typical image of an extroverted thinker is a bureaucrat or banker



So what personality type is formed when the extroverted thinking and sensation functions are combined?


Both of these two have strong characteristics of realist tendencies.

When the two are combined, the person is probably

a hard-core realist!


They don’t focus on insubstantial things such as emotion but rather on real things or credible data.

They try to logically predict how things will turn out based on such data.


This is like a supercomputer predicting the future, which is different from the intuitive types’ sixth sense prediction of the future



Also, they have the element of “judgment” in the ESTJ, along with extroverted thinking.

Therefore, most ESTJs seem to want to move the world rationally with their judgment.


To put it more simply…

They have a personality that wants to take the initiative.


This type of person tends to want to take the initiative in work, love, or even their married life.


They make their policies and rules and try to impose them on others.

In contrast, this personality type is characterized by its unwillingness to listen to the opinions of others.


Exceptionally, they are obedient to their bosses




After reading the ESTJ description on this page, you may feel it does not apply to you.

In that case, there is a possibility that the result of the test is wrong.


If so, please read the following article.

Here is the most important thing to know about personality tests.

Taking personality tests can be harmful!



Lovers of a Controlled Society


Here is a more detailed explanation of ESTJ.


As mentioned above, ESTJs want to take the initiative anyway.

However, this requires a chain of command.


Therefore, ESTJs try to create and manage an organization that allows the chain of command to work well.


On the other hand, they can’t tolerate people who disrupt the organization.

They believe that individuals should dedicate themselves to the organization.


And they think it is inevitable that personal freedom will be somewhat restricted.



By the way, ESTJs aren’t the type to try to lead people into an ideal world, even if they do take the initiative.


The ESTJ initiative is, if anything, to preserve (and hopefully expand) the status quo.


Therefore, ESTJs aren’t the messiah type of leaders who tries to fix the world.

They are more rather a manager type rather than a leader.



This is my subjective opinion, but ESTJ probably likes the word “authority.”

So they are willing to obey those in power.

But once they are in power, they want to wield it.


For ESTJs, good bosses are those who can give orders to their subordinates appropriately.

They don’t think bosses must understand the feelings of their subordinates.


There are times when they pretend to understand, though



In a society controlled by various authorities, no other personality type can compete with ESTJs.


However, ESTJs who can demonstrate their abilities in a controlled society often have difficulty in times of upheaval.

Therefore, rather than being active in times of transition, ESTJs are more likely to demonstrate their abilities in times of stability.



When seeking employment, they may be more suited to large, stable companies with long histories than companies that have just been in business for a short time.


ESTJs aren’t the type that could reform a company on the verge of bankruptcy and turn it around.


They may be more likely to promote themselves if they work for large companies



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Weaknesses: Feeling and Intuition


Here is a figure of ESTJ personality functions using Jungian psychology concepts.

(This is not the same as the interpretation of MBTI)

As shown in the figure above, thinking and sensation functions are in the realm of consciousness and are already well-developed.

Therefore, the owner of this personality is familiar with handling those two functions.


However, feeling and intuition are in the realm of unconsciousness and are not developed yet.


Problems related to these underdeveloped areas are a real weakness for this type of person.

However, having these weaknesses isn’t a problem in itself.

Not realizing that you have such weaknesses is the real problem.


It is so hard to develop functions that you aren’t good at.

However, just by being aware that you have such a weakness, you can change your way of life.



Be a Loyal Dog in Front of the Boss


Compared to other types, ESTJs tend to be more concerned with their positions and roles.

And they will always believe that everyone should live according to their position and role.


When they are subordinates, they serve their bosses like loyal dogs.

However, when they become the boss, they try to remove subordinates who disobey them.


Bosses should be like bosses, and subordinates should be like subordinates…

This is the philosophy of this type of person.

And they try to force this philosophy on others.



Incidentally, even at home, the basic philosophy of ESTJs remains the same.

Men should be like men and women like women.

This is a common mindset among ESTJ men and women.


However, the ESTJ itself is a masculine personality type.

Therefore, female ESTJs may be a little complicated emotionally…


Because while they are obsessed with the traditional view of women and want to be feminine, they also want to destroy the male-dominated society.


Men who marry such women may feel this way about their wives.

She has the personality of a man!

However, husbands who demand femininity from their wives in this way are also often ESTJs.



Who is the winner, and who is the loser?


In general, ESTJs love to compete with others.

This has to do with the previously mentioned “being concerned with position and role.”


When an ESTJ is with someone else, the ESTJ needs to clarify which is superior and which is inferior and end up competing with the other person.

That’s why ESTJs seem to love competition.


For ESTJs who love competition, there is nothing more comfortable than a society where they can compete.

Living in a world without competition is as good as being dead for them.


They have loved to compete with others since childhood and have competed in everything, whether it be play, sports, study, or love.

So it can be said that they know how to beat others.


But ESTJs are good at competition where the finish line is predetermined.

For example, competition to get a good score on a test, pass an entrance exam, or move up in a company.


Conversely, they aren’t good at competition where the goal isn’t clearly defined, such as idea contests.


ESTJs are people who focus on past data and achievements, so they aren’t good at coming up with novel ideas



Summary of ESTJ type


Finally, I would like to give a summary of the character of the ESTJ.

Realist with rational thinking.

Strong desire to take the initiative.

Lovers of a controlled society

Loves competition.

Not good at novel ideas.



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