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ENTJ: Argumentative Idealist



ENTJs are intelligent and argumentative.

To be clear, no one may want to argue with just this type of person.


If you are an ENTJ, this article will help you to understand yourself objectively.


If you have a hard time with ENTJs, you may find this article helpful in understanding this type of person.



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Prefer Arguing to Getting Along With Others


ENTJ is a personality type that combines extroverted thinking with intuition.

First, I will explain extroverted thinking.


Thinking is a personality function that puts feeling aside and tries to think logically and rationally.

And it tries to solve everything.


It should also be noted that in ENTJs, this thinking function is worked in an extroverted way.

If you are the opposite, introverted, you will keep your thoughts in your mind and not try to get them out.

However, since you are an extrovert, you actively seek to express your thoughts.


In other words, they are very self-assertive



Next, let’s consider ENTJ’s intuition.


Generally, people with well-developed intuition can think outside the box.

In the case of ENTJs, however, this intuition takes the form of idealism.


An ideal image first appears whenever they do anything or think about anything.


They have an image in their mind of what they want to do in the end, no matter what they do


The combination of intuition and extroverted thinking mentioned earlier will result in a personality tendency to assert one’s idealism toward the outside world.


However, suppose you constantly assert your ideas and opinions to others.

In that case, you are bound to clash with those who disagree, sometimes resulting in arguments.


Ordinary people wouldn’t always want to argue with others.

But ENTJ seems to be the opposite.

Generally, ENTJs tend to be argumentative.


When ENTJs argue, they point out their opponents’ mistakes one by one and try to logically prove that their opinions are correct and the opponents are wrong.


They don’t appeal to their opponent’s emotions, but only logically do




After reading the ESTJ description on this page, you may feel it does not apply to you.

In that case, there is a possibility that the result of the test is wrong.


If so, please read the following article.

Here is the most important thing to know about personality tests.

Taking personality tests can be harmful!



Weaknesses: Feeling and Sensation


Here is a diagram of ENTJ personality functions using Jungian psychology concepts.

(This is different from the interpretation in the MBTI)

As shown in the diagram above, thinking and intuition functions are in the realm of consciousness and are already well-developed.

Therefore, the owner of this personality is familiar with handling those two functions.


However, feeling and sensation are in the realm of unconsciousness and are not developed yet.


Problems related to these underdeveloped areas are a real weakness for this type of person.

However, having these weaknesses isn’t a problem in itself.

Not realizing that you have such weaknesses is the real problem.


It is so hard to develop functions that you aren’t good at.

However, just by being aware that you have such a weakness, you can change your way of life.



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“Everyone, Do as I Say!”


ENTJs are idealists, but not in the atmosphere of peaceful idealism.

Instead, on the contrary, they believe this way.

“To realize an ideal world, we must fight arguments!”

In the end, they will try to impose their ideas on others.


Also, when discussing, they don’t consider the opponents’ feelings.

And they don’t care if the other party who loses the argument is disappointed or hurt.


Rather, they believe that anything can be resolved through discussion.

They also believe that they can improve each other through argument and that both parties can approach the ideal world.


However, listening to their arguments from the side, the ENTJs are simply trying to get others to follow them.



Your Idea Isn’t Always the Best!


ENTJs are intuitive type and have excellent foresight.

They also have a bird’s eye view of things, which is highly valued in a corporate organization.


ENTJs don’t have a solid desire to move up the ladder, but in reality, they tend to move up quickly.

This is because they are easily noticed as capable people in the organization.


However, those around them often perceive them as overconfident and arrogant.


In other words, they tend to make enemies.


They may be fine as long as their intuition continues to be correct.

However, there may come a time when their intuition becomes out of sync with the times.

When that happens, their intuition will no longer be practical.


To be prepared for such a situation, you should develop the habit of asserting your own opinion but also accepting the views of others.


And they are to combine their ideas with others to create a better way of thinking.


This is going to be a difficult challenge for ENTJs…



Summary of ENTJ type


Because ENTJs have high self-affirmation, they may have fewer worries than other types.


However, this also means they are weak because they cannot empathize with others’ problems.

They should use their “reformer spirit” to reform themselves.


Finally, I will summarize the character of ENTJ.

A smart reformer.

Confident and self-assertive.

Argumentative and idealistic.

Lack of concern for others’ feelings.

Easily makes enemies.

Needs to learn from others’ opinions.



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