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ENFP: School Festival Planner



Scenes of “School Festival” are often seen in Japanese anime.

This school culture is unique to Japan and probably rare in other countries.

In this “school festival,” many small groups of students plan their favorite events, plays, concerts, etc., prepare and practice for weeks in advance, and perform on the day of the festival.

All the students come up with ideas for the planning together.

But some members work as the core planning staff.

ENFP is just the type of person on such a planning staff.



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Intuitively Know How to Please Others


ENFP is a personality type that has extroverted intuition supported by feeling.


Extroverted intuitive type means that they know the essence of what is happening when they see a certain situation in front of them.


For example, imagine the following scene.

Let’s say you open the door to a school classroom or a conference room, and you see two people you know standing opposite each other there.

Someone sees the scene and instantly understands the situation as follows:

“Oh, there’s something strange in the air…I guess these two were fighting here.”

These people are called the extroverted intuitive Type.


They know what’s going on with their sixth sense, even though they didn’t hear two people fighting at the time.


Even within the same intuitive type, the strength of that intuition varies from person to person



Now, when the feeling is added to that extroverted intuition, the following characteristics emerge.

Intuitively know what pleases everyone.


In other words, they naturally know the following.

“What is popular in the world today?”

“What kind of products will sell well?”

“What kind of events should we plan for festivals to attract people?”


Generally, we spend a lot of time doing market research and analyzing the data.


But this ENFP type doesn’t require such tedious work.

This is because they know the pattern of what makes people happy with their sixth sense.


If these people were in charge of planning a school festival, they could come up with many events that would be well received by everyone.



After reading the ENFP description on this page, you may feel it does not apply to you.

In that case, there is a possibility that the result of the test is wrong.


If so, please read the following article.

Here is the most important thing to know about personality tests.

Taking personality tests can be harmful!



Weaknesses: Sensation and Thinking


Here is a figure of ENFP personality functions using Jungian psychology concepts.

(This is different from the MBTI interpretation.)

As shown in the figure above, intuition and feeling functions are in the realm of consciousness and are already well-developed.

Therefore, the owner of this personality is familiar with handling those two functions.


However, sensation and thinking are in the realm of unconsciousness and are not developed yet.


Problems related to these underdeveloped areas are a real weakness for this type of person.

However, having these weaknesses isn’t a problem in itself.

Not realizing that you have such weaknesses is the real problem.


It is so hard to develop functions that you aren’t good at.

However, just by being aware that you have such a weakness, you can change your way of life.



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Positive but Easily Bored


I will explain the nature of ENFPs in more detail.


First, this type is always positive.

They aren’t depressed for long when something goes wrong.

This is because the next project has already started in their mind when they realize their failure.


They always seem to think only of the future


Also, because this type is extroverted, they want to do everything with their peers.

And when a project starts, they find the essential issues and problems before anyone else and devise creative solutions.


However, they only really work hard at the beginning.

Once things get going, they quickly become bored.


At first, they work with a fresh feeling

But the longer it goes on, the more they get tired of it



Let’s return to the school festival.

If this type of person plans a school festival, it will undoubtedly be innovative.


ENFPs work better than anyone else in the beginning and are appreciated by the other members.


However, once the school festival starts, they are no longer there.

They seem to get bored.


In terms of companies, they are the type of people who like to start a business but get bored once the company gets off the ground.


Of course, not all school festival planners have this personality!



Can’t Leave People in Trouble


I have already listed ENFP’s problems.

However, aside from being “easily bored,” ENFPs are very attractive people.


Because they are kind to others.

This is because they are extroverted by nature and also because of their well-developed feeling.


And that kindness is also based on a proper understanding of what the other person wants.

This may be due to their superior intuition.


They are also good at finding people in trouble.

When they see such people, many of them will say, “Can I help you?”


I guess they just can’t leave someone in trouble



Rome Was Not Built in a Day!


As already mentioned, ENFPs aren’t good at finishing things.

Psychologically speaking, this is because their sensation is underdeveloped.


In other words, the “steady effort” characteristic of the sensation type is very difficult for them because they are intuitive.


Jung wrote the following about the difference between the sensation type and the intuitive type:

Intuitive types work hard to cultivate the land and sow the seeds.

After that, the sensation type grows and reaps the harvest.


In other words, intuitive types like to start new things but can’t wait until they start profiting from them.

And those sensation types who are good at just “keeping up” will reap all the benefits in the end.


If intuitive types want to succeed, they should never forget the saying,

“Rome was not built in a day!”



Summary of ENFP type


ENFPs are more fortunate than other types.

However, it is regrettable that they don’t realize they have a very lucky personality.


Well, at the end of this article, let’s review some important points about the ENFP’s personality.

Intuitively know what pleases everyone.

Difficulty in working sensation.

Positive at first but gets bored before the end.

Can’t leave someone in need.

Continuity is the key to profit!



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