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ENFJ: Supportive Teammate



ENFJs are like the sun, emitting warm energy.

However, they are also vulnerable.

Here is a summary of how ENFJs can understand and control themselves correctly.



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Cheerful and Deeply Compassionate


ENFJ is a personality type that combines an extroverted feeling type with intuition.

First, an explanation of the extroverted feeling type is in order.


ENFJ is a feeling type, so naturally, ENFJs are very expressive.


Moreover, because they are extroverted, their inner feelings are well understood by those around them.

They are probably exactly what you see.


They look happy when they are happy and sad when they are sad


They are also empathetic and considerate of others.

So they get along quickly with everyone.


Also, ENFJs say things rather clearly.

Therefore, they give the impression of being imposing and are seen as “positive and confident” by those around them.

That does not make those around them feel bad; on the contrary, they may be moved by the seriousness of this type of person.


In general, ENFJs appear cheerful, friendly, and energetic.

They also live with a lively face every day.


I feel like you’d get some energy from being around them!



After reading the ENFJ description on this page, you may feel it does not apply to you.

In that case, there is a possibility that the result of the test is wrong.


If so, please read the following article.

Here is the most important thing to know about personality tests.

Taking personality tests can be harmful!



Weaknesses: Thinking and Sensation


Here is a figure of ENFJ personality functions using Jungian psychology concepts.

(This is different from the MBTI interpretation.)

As shown in the figure above, feeling and intuition functions are in the realm of consciousness and are already well-developed.

Therefore, the owner of this personality is familiar with handling those two functions.


However, thinking and sensation are in the realm of unconsciousness and are not developed yet.


Problems related to these underdeveloped areas are a real weakness for this type of person.

However, having these weaknesses isn’t a problem in itself.

Not realizing that you have such weaknesses is the real problem.


It is so hard to develop functions that you aren’t good at.

However, just by being aware that you have such a weakness, you can change your way of life.



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Trying to See the Good Side of Humanity


Another characteristic of ENFJs is that they are also an intuitive type.


In general, intuition is a personality trait that pursues ideals.

Therefore, ENFJs can be said to be idealists as well.


Note especially that in the case of ENFJs, intuition is added to the extroverted feeling.

This is because it creates a benevolence that is unique to this type.


ENFJs basically love people and always treat everyone with kindness.

They don’t try to make enemies.

Rather they try to see the good side of the character in everyone.


This world is already ideal!

All human relationships are beautiful!

All people are good!

People should love each other!


However, it is a little difficult to say this to ENFJs, but the real world and human beings aren’t that beautiful.


That is why ENFJs can be very depressed when others blame them.

I’ll talk about this later.


They see the world too wonderfully than it really is



Good at Encouraging and Empowering Others


Benevolent ENFJs are very tolerant of others.

They always try to see the good in others.


Other types, such as the thinking type, have a critical eye and are quick to find faults in others.

However, ENFJs don’t see such flaws in others.

On the contrary, they see only the good.


This world is ideal!

Therefore, everyone living in this world is wonderful!


This isn’t only the desire of ENFJs but also their view of the world and people.



Wouldn’t it be great if you had someone like an ENFJ by your side, always seeing the good in you?

If so, you would be very encouraged every day.


In fact, ENFJs are very good at encouraging people who are feeling down.

They also have a talent for motivating people.

And they want those people to be happier.


Therefore, most people will think the following when they encounter ENFJs.

I wish I had parents like that.

I wish my school teacher was like this.

I wish I could work for a boss like that.


Also, as mentioned before, ENFJs appear to be positive and confident.

And they have an imposing atmosphere.

So they naturally tend to be in leadership positions.


But it isn’t a “commanding leader.”

ENFJs are likely leaders who see the good in people and motivate them.


They won’t be arrogant leaders



However, there is one problem with ENFJs.

It is that they get too emotionally involved with the other person.


ENFJs are extroverted feeling types, so they tend to empathize with others.

Because of this, they sometimes have trouble distinguishing between their feelings and those of others.


Therefore, they think of other people’s problems as if they were their own and end up interfering too much.



Some people may see this as an invasion of their privacy.

In these situations, ENFJs are disappointed when they find out the other person is annoyed.

They feel pretty depressed and hurt, which I will discuss in the next section.



Energetic but Vulnerable to Criticism


Imagine for a moment.

You clean your room every day, keeping it spotless and polished.

One day, however, someone comes in and scratches a permanent mark on the wall or floor.

In this case, you would be quite shocked, wouldn’t you?


Something similar sometimes happens in the idealistic spirit of ENFJs.


For ENFJs, helping and guiding others with a smile is essential to complete their ideal world.


However, they are also sometimes annoyed and, in some cases, criticized.

This might disappoint ENFJs, who genuinely want to help people.


ENFJs truly believe that

I am always striving for an ideal world.

So everyone should agree with me…


But when they receive unexpected criticism, they are deeply disappointed.

And they become completely disheartened.


In addition, ENFJs have always had the characteristic of

being soft on others but hard on themselves.


So when they receive criticism from others, they blame themselves even more.


This tends to be the case with idealists, but they seem to be vulnerable to criticism



Different People Have Different Goals


In a sense, ENFJs are people with strong beliefs.

And they always think the following.

“I am always thinking about everyone else.”

“So everyone must agree with me!”


Therefore, they are shocked when someone even slightly disagrees with them.

This is a weakness for ENFJs.


So they still need to change their way of thinking.


There are many ways of thinking in the world.

And what is ideal for each person is different.


It is important to consider whether they are trying to impose their ideals on others.


What you think is the worst may be ideal for others



Summary of ENFJ type


ENFJs are cheerful and kind, which is why many people like them.

But at the same time, they have a very human weakness.


Finally, I will summarize the main points of the ENFJ’s personality.

Cheerful and friendly personality.

A personality that is easily understood by others.

Thinks everything in this world is fantastic.

Always tries to see the good in people.

Good at encouraging and motivating others.

Upbeat personality, but vulnerable to criticism.

Should know that everyone has different ideals.



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