Sloth Personality Test

Taking personality tests can be harmful!


Psychological personality tests can be beneficial or harmful, depending on how you take them.

This article explains a safe and beneficial way to take a personality test.


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Accuracy Depends on Your Self Reporting


While personality tests in the form of questions are easy to use, they also have drawbacks or harmful aspects.

The first drawback is that the results depend on the self-reports of those who take the test.


In other words, the answers will vary depending on how the person taking the test interprets each question and their mood or state of mind at that moment.


Furthermore, some people may take the test thinking, “I want to be the person who answers this question in this way.

(They are not being honest!)


Thus, as long as any personality test is in the form of questions, it lacks objective reliability.

Therefore, it is dangerous to trust the results as they are.



However, some may argue:

“This is why we need face-to-face counseling by a professional after taking a test like the MBTI.”

(That is why there is no point in taking only “fake MBTI” tests on the Internet.)


But as the MBTI is also a questionnaire method that lacks objectivity, the same can be said for it.



Might Make Your Shortcomings Worse!


If you were asked,

“Do you like to introduce yourself?”

you might think as follows:

I have no problem introducing myself by simply saying my name or what my hobbies are.

But now he may be asking me,

“What are your strengths and advantages?”

If so, my answer is “No.”

Because I am too shy to promote myself.

And I have none that I can boast to others about.

So, I should answer,

“I am not good at introducing myself.

Otherwise, it would be inconsistent with my reality.”


In general, personality tests ask a lot of questions.

For each question, you will choose the option that is consistent with your impression of yourself.


In other words, you are reconfirming and strengthening your personality, which you are already vaguely aware of.


Naturally, you will review your weaknesses and shortcomings over and over in the personality test.


Now, you probably want to overcome your weaknesses and shortcomings.

Nevertheless, the personality test becomes an effective workout that “strengthens” your shortcomings and flaws!



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No Point in Just Taking a Personality Test


You can take a simple personality test on this site.

It is a simple test.

Perhaps some people may complain that there is no way that a test with so few questions can tell anyone’s personality.


Yes, that’s exactly right!

Such a simple test cannot reveal a person’s personality.


But as mentioned above, even if the number of questions is many, as long as it is a self-report questionnaire, you can not expect objectivity from it.

Naturally, it can be even more harmful.



So what would be the best way to properly understand your personality?


First, you can take the simple personality test on this site.

It will not do you any harm thanks to being too simple.

But this simple test will help you understand your personality.


But these personality tests should only be used as a reference.

And I want you all to read the article on Personality Theory.

To tell the truth, if you learn the theory, you know your personality type!


And there is an even better way.

That is to read articles about other types of people.

For example, if you are an introverted feeling type, read articles about an extroverted feeling type or an introverted thinking type.

This will give you many times more insight into your personality.



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