I Want to Live Like a Sloth, the Saint of the Forest


Hi, I am a sloth.


Sloths are animals living in tropical rainforests, about 60 cm in length, and spend most of their lives hanging from trees.

They are usually quite still, or if they do move, very slowly.

The reason is that their metabolic rate is low, so they avoid wasting energy.


Sloths eat at most 10 grams of leaves per day.

Moss grows on the surface of their bodies because they do not move much.

However, moss is also food for them.

They occasionally come down to the ground and poop at the base of trees.



The sloths have a fearsome natural enemy.

They are animals that can climb trees, such as pumas, and birds of prey, for example, hawks and eagles.


When the sloth realizes that such natural enemies are nearby, it stays still and pretends to be part of the tree.


But they are not good actors.

So they are found and eaten by their natural enemies.


In such cases, sloths do not resist.

If they resist or rush away, they will have difficulty breathing and die.

So they remain still to save energy until the last moment.



Sloths may not be very cool creatures.

But their way of life is ideal for me.


They have no greed, no pressure, and no hurry.

They live at their own pace, no matter how anyone looks at them.

And they don’t bother others.

And they live their lives hanging from tall trees, staring blankly at the world below.


They are the very ” Saints of the Forest”!



Well, I am not a saint, of course.

(Maybe I’ll never be a saint forever.)

But I have been studying psychology for many years since I was young.

And now that I am older, I have come to see more of human nature.

I created this website to share this “perspective on human nature” with others.


Psychology is not fortune-telling, nor is it a religion.

But it is more than that in its power to save you from the many troubles in your life.

And above all, it is safe!



I mentioned earlier that the way of life of sloths is my ideal.

I am sorry to use the name “sloth,” but I have chosen it as my pen name and the name of this site.