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Love Operation Plan for ISTP Women

This page is a continuation of “ISTP: Lone Wolf Technician”


I think it depends on the country, but in my home country of Japan, ISTP women live with rather deep worries.

Many of them seem to be troubled by their clumsiness, especially in terms of romance.

Perhaps this is the case for ISTPs all over the world.

In this article, I will consider such common problems of ISTPs.


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Proud to Be an ISTP Type Woman


This may be an old prejudice, but if we assume that when it comes to women, they “prefer empathy to reason, romance to reality,” the ISTP women are just the opposite.


That means the following:

Prefer logic to empathy.

Prefer non-fiction to romantic tales.


If you are an ISTP (and I think you probably are), these things ring a bell.


However, if you have no particular complaints about being an ISTP, there is no need to change who you are.


For example, you are likely to be valued as a person who can logically analyze the current situation from a woman’s point of view in the workplace.


You are also likely to be regarded as someone who can deal with challenges realistically.


People around you think you are trustworthy


So you should be more confident and proud of yourself!



Unfortunately, You Are Clumsy in Love


As an ISTP, your business-like personality aspect is literally your strength in a business setting.

However, when it comes to love, it is your weakness.


You may be worried about your inability to be passionate about love.


But men find you attractive and dependable because you are willing to support them when they are in a vulnerable situation.


Also, you may be surprised to learn that women who can reason with themselves are more popular with men than those who are quick to become emotional.



One problem, however, is that you are not in touch with men’s feelings.

For example, if a man likes you, you may not be aware of it.


Let’s consider this point later.



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Let’s Ask the Men for Help!


You must be a capable woman.

So when you have a problem, you wouldn’t think of asking someone else for help, would you?

You have a very self-sufficient mentality.


But that’s the problem.

Even if a man who wants to help you appears, you are unconsciously chasing away that “hero.”



Men are more or less willing to help the women they like.

So men feel as if they are being rejected by women who don’t ask for their help.


Men like to teach in the first place



So, you can take advantage of this character that men have.

In other words, “Dare to ask men for advice.


You can tell your “target” what you are worried about or are having trouble with.


It doesn’t matter whether you are truly troubled or not!



You may not want to show your most vulnerable point to the other person.


However, it is also true that very defensive women do not look attractive to men.



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