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Relationships and Love Issues for ISTPs

This page is a continuation of “ISTP: Lone Wolf Technician”


You are probably the ISTP type, aren’t you?

So, maybe you have problems with relationships and romance.

If so, this article may be of some help to you.


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Hard to Be Understood by Others


What do people around you think of you, the ISTP type?

Everyone may think you are a good worker and an excellent person.


However, outside of work, everyone might feel that you are “enigmatic” or “difficult to understand.


For example, people around you seem to wonder if you are ever moved by a movie or if you have a favorite kind of music.


Anyway, there is a lot they don’t know about you!


However, when the conversation turns to gadgets and appliances, you suddenly become so talkative.


So people around you will be surprised to find you surprisingly talkative.

But then, when they ask you about your private life, you fall silent again.


In other words, you tend to be interested in talks about tools, equipment, etc., but not talks involving human emotions.


This is why it is difficult for people around you to understand your feelings.



How to Deepen Relationships?


As a matter of fact, you ISTPs don’t seem to have much trouble with relationships.

However, it is not because you are good at relationships.

Quite the opposite, isn’t it?

This is because you have always avoided getting deeply involved in relationships with others, so you don’t have the opportunity to be troubled by them.


But conversely, that is the problem with ISTPs.

They don’t want to put energy into relationships, so they don’t deepen their relationships with others.


You should get more serious about your relationship


But deepening relationships is not easy.

So, first of all, it is a good idea to consult with others about small matters.


It can be about anything.

You can ask how to clean the bathroom.

Ask about the best Japanese food restaurants.

You may want to ask for a reference opinion on recent movies.


These are questions that you would have solved on your own without consulting anyone.

Even now, you may not need to consult with others.


However, why don’t you dare to ask them of others?

You need to create a kind of digestive tract in your mind to take in other people’s opinions.


Then you will naturally know how to deepen your relationships.



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Romance as an Extension of Relationships


Love, after all, is merely an extension of a relationship.

Creating a relationship is the first step.


To do this, shorten the distance between you and the other person through conversation.

At this time, it is also a good idea to ask the other party various questions.


However, don’t talk about yourself here, but listen to what the other party is saying.


Don’t talk about electrical appliances


Next, carefully observe the other party’s facial expressions and gestures.

Observation is your specialty, so it should be easy.


Next, imagine what is going on in the other party’s mind.


At first, you may be confused about your own feelings.

After all, you have never had the habit of imagining other people’s feelings.


But this is a necessary habit at the entrance of love.


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