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How INFPs Can Adapt More to the Real World

This page is a continuation of “INFP: Romantic Hermit”


Many INFPs may consider themselves a person who is unfit for society.

In a sense, it is understandable that they feel this way.

But if you are an INFP, I hope you will read this article and rebuild your life.


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A Bird’s-Eye View of the Character of INFPs


The INFP personality structure is described according to Yung’s Typology as follows.

The superior function is Intuition.

The auxiliary function is Feeling.


And the subordinate function is Sensation.


In the MBTI, the above superior and auxiliary functions are reversed, but I oppose that idea



Now let me show you a diagram of the above.

This is a diagram of the four personality functions in the INFP type.

(Again, note that this is according to Jungian theory, which is NOT the MBTI’s view.)


Intuition, the primary function, is entirely in the realm of consciousness, and feelings, the auxiliary function, are also almost in the realm of consciousness.


However, sensation, the inferior function, is wholly in the realm of the unconscious.

In addition, since the thinking function is also on the unconscious side, it is not so much conscious.


Seeing this, even if you try to somehow bring up the two functions being submerged in the unconscious into the realm of consciousness, it will not work that way.


However, by keeping this diagram in your mind, you can always reflect on your words and actions.

And in fact, you can make changes in your life by doing just that.



I will then discuss how to accelerate that change a little more.



Develop the Ability to Adapt to the Real World


There are three ways to improve your ability to adapt to the reality that I recommend to you, the INFP.

They all seem simple, but they are more profound than you might think.


Write Down “To Do” in Your Notebook


This is nothing special.

You are always daydreaming and never moving forward.

And yet you reassure yourself by saying, “I have yet to get serious.”


So you start by writing down what you need to do to move forward only one or two meters.


Simply put, you make a schedule for the near future, and after that, you only think of yourself as a “schedule-keeping machine” and take action.


You always try to come up with an idea to go 10 kilometers from the beginning.

And you end up not getting anything started, which is what you’ve always done.


Go to Bed Early, Get Up Early!


The logic is quite simple.


First, when we stay up late at night, fantasy inevitably becomes dominant over our sense of reality.


And since the morning is the time of day when our brains literally wake up from dreaming, there is no reason not to make the most of that time.


By getting into the habit of going to bed early and getting up early, you can learn the art of adapting to the real world.


Clean the Room!


Many intuitive types are not good at cleaning.


There are two reasons for this.


First, they dream only of the distant future and are not good at looking closer.


This is true in a physical sense as well.

They do not notice trash if it is right under their feet.

That is why they are not good at cleaning.


The other reason is that many intuitive types are perfectionists, even though they are not good at cleaning.


So while a sensation type can finish cleaning in 10 minutes, it takes an intuitive type a week to do the same thing.

After all, the intuitive type gives up on cleaning as soon as they imagine the effort involved.



However, cleaning is the best training for intuitive types to acquire a sense of reality, and it costs no money.

Besides, it makes the room clean.


The only thing they lose is their free time.

However, once they get used to it, they should be able to clean in as little time as the sensation types.

When that happens, their lives will begin to change dramatically.



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