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How INFPs Can Improve Self-Expression

This page is a continuation of “INFP: Romantic Hermit”


INFPs seem to think they are not being understood correctly by anyone.

Unfortunately, that’s right.


Because they always hide their true feelings and emotions inside and never let them out.

In other words, it is more correct to say that they are not “not understood” but are not trying to be understood.


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Not Only “Not Understood” but “Misunderstood”


INTPs are introverts, so they tend to keep their true feelings inside and not express them.

However, because their feeling function is somewhat extroverted, they tend to be attentive to others.

As a result, they often overthink things and say or do things that are difficult to be understood.


Jung said when intuition, the superior function, is introverted, the others (feeling, thinking, and sensation) are somewhat extroverted.


Furthermore, because their thinking function is poor, INFPs can not explain their thoughts logically.


And one more thing, the sensation function is so weak that they cannot persuade others with realistic data or actual results.


Thus, even though INTPs have done nothing wrong, they are often misunderstood by others in their relationships because they have done “Nothing.”

And with a bad reputation for being cold and indifferent to others…



Consult With Others About Something


To solve the problem described above, you need to communicate more of your thoughts and feelings to those around you.

But that may be difficult for you.

So, you can take another approach.

The best way is to consult with others about your problems.


“My problems? I can’t talk about such a private matter…”

You probably think so.

Of course, you don’t need to talk to someone about something too serious.

But if you have a problem with how to train your dog, or if you want an explanation about a government policy that you are unclear about, you can ask for advice.


You can talk to people around you about less serious problems by saying, “I’m a little puzzled about something.”

With this approach from you, they will begin to get a clue as to how to understand you.


But be careful not to show too much of your weakness and be underestimated



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Don’t Answer Ambiguously on the Spot


Logical thinking is one of the weaknesses of you “INFPs.”

To be clear, this does not mean that INFPs lack the ability to think logically.

It just means that when you need that logical thinking right now, you can’t do it.


For example, suppose a colleague or friend suddenly asks you to explain something.

In such a case, you can’t organize your thoughts on the spot.


So, you say whatever comes to mind (which, of course, doesn’t make sense) and try to put the situation behind you.

However, this creates misunderstandings about you.


The people around you did not ask you for an immediate response.

They wanted an easy-to-understand explanation.

So you can tell them, “I’ll explain later, so please wait a little bit,” and avoid immediate answers.


It is even better to tell them how long they have to wait
For example, “Please wait a few minutes,” or “Please wait until tomorrow


Just by following this rule, you will almost avoid the risk of being misunderstood by those around you.



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