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Inferior Function Give You a Hint on How to Improve Your Life


This is the sixth article in this series.

The last article may have seemed a little complicated.

However, this article is about the inferior function I felt in my acquaintance, and I am sure it will interest you.


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Those Around You Know Your Inferior Function


Imagine, for example, a person who is very good at beating an opponent in an argument.

People rarely say the following straight to that person:

“You seem smart, but you have no compassion.”

This is because everyone knows that the person is the thinking type and the inferior function is feeling, but it is reluctant to point it out to the person.



Suppose there is someone who is a bit meddlesome but loves to take care of others.

Would you have the courage to say to that person:

“You’re not very good at thinking logically.”

You somehow know that the person is the feeling type and that the inferior function is thinking.

But you also know that pointing it out would hurt them badly, so you can’t say it.



And few people would say the following to someone who always talks about idealism:

“Don’t just talk about your dreams!
First, make some money.”

Even if people think so in their minds, they rarely say it out loud.

People around the person have been aware for a long time that the person is the intuitive type and that the inferior function is sensation.

However, they know that pointing this out would embarrass the person so much that they cannot say anything.



Another example.

Some people follow only the latest fads and think they have better taste than anyone else.

To them, is there anyone who say・・・

No, I stop writing anymore.

I am likely to write a terribly bad thing!



Inferior functions are something that people are afraid to notice.

A certain part of the mind is dimmed like a shadow, and he is afraid to look at it in the light.

So he tries not to see it as much as possible.

That is the inferior function.


Of course, we are more afraid to be pointed out by others


Yet somehow, the people around you can see your inferior functions fully.

Nevertheless, they don’t point it out to you.

Because they all know that pointing it out will hurt you badly and result at the end of their relationship with you.


But people can sometimes grow by being aware of their inferior functions.

Have you ever heard the following?

“You don’t realize your shortcomings until people point them out to you.”

“When someone points out your shortcomings, you’d better accept them.”

This means that you should understand your inferior functions well.



The Inferior Function Can Affect Your Life


I have described the inferior function as “part of your personality” in the section above.

But you can also consider the inferior function in your life from a larger perspective.

And by doing so, you can make your life happier.


So I will give an example that shows how the superior and inferior functions relate to your life.

This is a story of my acquaintance.



As a teenager, he often struggled with something like, “How should I live my life?”

And he majored in philosophy in college.

What particularly fascinated him was Indian philosophy and religion.


But not satisfied with his studies in college and reading books, he moved to India after graduating.

He thought that if he went to India, he could learn the essence of Indian philosophy thoroughly.


After living in India for several years, he could speak English and a little Hindi, and he gradually became accustomed to life in India.


However, he was troubled.

Even though he had come to India to study authentic Indian philosophy and Hinduism, he could not understand their essence.

He could understand those stories but felt like, “So what?” and could not understand their profound meaning.


He must have hit a wall


“I wonder if I can understand the essence of philosophy and religion.”

He felt frustrated and troubled and finally became ill in India.

And when he was thinking, “I should go back to Japan now,” he happened to pass by a yoga school.

When he looked inside the class, yoga seemed to him to be good for his health.

So he decided to go to the yoga school.


Then something amazing happened to him.

He had been struggling to understand the essence of Indian philosophy no matter how many books he had read about them.

However, as he moved his body practicing yoga, his mind became refreshed, and his health gradually recovered.


“I’d rather pursue physical health than spirituality through philosophy and religion!”

Realizing that, he returned to Japan and began studying various therapies, such as massage.


He studied Indian philosophy for 10 years but did not fully understand it.

However, he quickly absorbed the therapeutic skills.

After starting work as a therapist, the number of clients has increased steadily.

And now he is a very popular therapist, with all his appointments booked for months in advance.


He still loves India.

But today, he has no religious atmosphere at all.

He no longer talks about philosophy or religion.


I guess he never had a religious vibe, to begin with



Let’s consider the life of my acquaintance mentioned above in terms of typology.


He is currently working as a therapist.

He touches the physical bodies of his clients with his own hands to heal them of their physical ailments every day.

He is not a doctor, so he does not use x-rays or other testing equipment.

He relies entirely on the sensations of his own hands.


The fact that he can do these things proves that he is the sensation type.


However, he has been into religion and philosophy since his teenage years.

This religion and philosophy are areas of intuition.

In other words, he pursued his inferior function when he was young.


The inferior function has this kind of power to mislead you


During his high school years, his classmates might have thought about him.

“It’s a wonder he’s studying religion and philosophy.”

“That’s unlike him.”


Because as I mentioned earlier, people around that person are more likely to notice these things.

But no one said to him,

“Isn’t this the wrong direction for you?”


However, he must have believed that “this is the way I should live” at that time.


I don’t know why he tried to choose such a life at that time, but maybe something must have happened to him



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Your Inferior Function Could Be a Hint of Improving Your Life


Some people have already realized their gifts or superior functions in elementary school and have continued to do what they are good at for a long time.

Such people are likely to succeed.

It is more advantageous to start living in a way that suits you at an early age.


However, not all people can make such a good start from the beginning.

For example, there must be many people whose first job after graduating from school was in the field of their inferior functions.


They may think,

“I am not suited for this job.”

Many people realize this, change jobs, and finally find a job matching their superior functions.


Similar to this is the case of my acquaintance mentioned above.

In his case, he happened to pass by a yoga school, which led to a life-changing experience.

That was lucky for him.

Anyway, life begins to change for the better when you can properly recognize your inferior function.



But some people spend a long time without realizing that they are now engaged in an area related to their inferior functions.

And as they continue to do such work for a long time, some people get sick or become poorer and poorer.


Indeed, it is hard to notice your inferior functions, but if you get sick or become poor, you would see it, wouldn’t you?

So why do some people not notice?

There is a reason for that, but it is a bit complicated, so I will write more about it in the following article.



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