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Overuse of the Superior Function Distorts the Inferior Function


In my last article, I stated the following:

Repression of inferior functions makes extroversion and introversion become distorted.


The distortion influences the inferior functions.

In this article, I will explain them.


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Too Much Extroversion Makes You Self-Centered


First, let’s review the personality structure of introverts again.


Personality Structure of Extroverts

The superior function is Extroverted

while the inferior function is Introverted.


For example:

The Extroverted Thinking Type is as follows:

Superior function→Extroverted Thinking

Inferior function→Introverted feeling



Usually, the superior function and the inferior function are moderately balanced.


The above is called “compensation



However, if extroverts overuse their superior functions, which are extroverted, their interests and concerns will also be focused in the extroverted direction.

In this case, they become immersed in relationships and the workplace.



Conversely, there is insufficient energy to go to the inferior functions of introversion.

As a result, they become less attentive to themselves.


At this time, the low introverted energy tries to work as efficiently as possible.

Then, the introverted energy becomes “self-first” to save energy.

That means the distortion of introversion.


Of course, this happens unconsciously


And introversion gradually turns into self-centeredness and selfishness.


At the same time, the inferior function, which is introverted, is also affected by the above.

As I explained in a previous article, the inferior function is inherently infantile and archaic.

To the nature of the inferior function, self-centeredness and selfishness join.


It also happens unconsciously!


In the following article, I described the “infantile and archaic” nature of the inferior function.



Summary so far

If your superior function is extroverted, your inferior function is introverted.

When too much energy is focused on the extrovertedsuperior function, the introvertedinferior function will lack energy.

Then, the introverted inferior function will become self-centered and selfish.



Too Much Introversion Makes You a Timid Explorer


People need food, clothing, houses, and many other things to live.

To get such things, we need to work and earn money.

Human relationships are also crucial for working.

In other words, human beings cannot live without being connected to the outside world.


In that sense, extroverts may have an advantage in this world.


Society, by nature, is a challenging environment for introverts to live in


But some introverts can get along well with the outside world.

On the other hand, many introverts are not good at it.


Or some introverts are tired of relationships and social life and want to avoid contact with the outside world.

Such introverts try to escape into their own inner world.


In this case, they have escaped from the outside world.

Nevertheless, there are some introverted types who, on the contrary, begin to look down on the outside world.


And they think like the following:

“I’m not interested in a career or fame.”

“Money has nothing to do with happiness.”

“Those who want friends are probably vulnerable to solitude.”


Thus, their introverted energy grows stronger and stronger.


This is the state of an inflated ego



Now let’s also look at the personality structure of introverts.


Personality Structure of Introverts

The superior function is Introverted

while the inferior function is Extroverted.


For example:

The Introverted Thinking Type is as follows:

Superior function→Introverted thinking

Inferior function→Extroverted feeling



As mentioned above, if introverted energy increases too much, conversely, extroverted energy is insufficient.

Then, the extroverted energy spreads but becomes thin and weak.


Imagine a membrane called “extroversion” stretched thin and spread out!


This condition is like a person who can’t help caring about the outside world but lacks the power to deal with it realistically.

This will cause the person’s personality to become timid, anxious, and fearful of the outside world, and the person will not be able to face the outside world confidently.


This distortion of extraversion also affects the inferior function.

The inferior function is originally infantile and archaic, but timidity and nervousness are added to it.


Some people are constantly worried that others are saying bad things about them



Summary so far

If your superior function is introverted, your inferior function is extroverted.

When too much energy is focused on the introvertedsuperior function, the extrovertedinferior function will lack energy.

Then, the extroverted inferior function will feel timid and anxious.



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Eight Types of Personality and Their  Inferior Functions


The original Jungian psychology classifies personality into eight types.

I show each personality type (superior function) and its corresponding inferior function below.

Brief descriptions of each type are examples of the characteristics that emerge when distortions occur in each inferior function.


The Extroverted Thinking Type

→Inferior Introverted Feeling

They prioritize logic in everything and appear to be people whose feelings are freezing. But when their feelings start melting, they suddenly burst into tears in public, perplexing those around them.


The Extroverted Feeling Type

→Inferior Introverted Thinking

Usually friendly and caring, but when it comes to debates, they only pretend to listen to their opponents. In reality, they always talk based on their self-centered logic.


The Extroverted Sensation Type

→Inferior Introverted Intuition

By nature, being lustful or greedy, but suddenly they are into the occult or cosmic energies and begin to practice and meditate. But in the end, their goal is to satisfy their worldly desires.


The Extroverted Intuitive Type

→Inferior Introverted Sensation

He has a talent for reading the stock market and becomes a billionaire. However, he cannot live a steady life and spends all the money he earns in just a few years, but he does not learn any lessons from it.


The Introverted Thinking Type

→Inferior Extroverted Feeling

They are quiet and always appear thoughtful but have difficulty understanding what others intend to do. Therefore, they tend to trust others easily and are sometimes deceived by bad guys.


The Introverted Feeling Type

→Inferior Extroverted Thinking

They are calm pacifists who seldom quarrel with others. However, they are not cautious enough to doubt others and are prone to believing fake information.


The Introverted Sensation Type

→Inferior Extroverted Intuition

They can vividly remember sounds, smells, tastes, and other sensations but do not have much imagination. However, one day, they suddenly predict the end of the world, surprising everyone.


The Introverted Intuitive Type

→Inferior Extroverted Sensation

They love fantasy and feel comfortable in their imaginary worlds. Their sense of reality is weak; they have no memory of locking the door or turning off the light, and some have difficulty adjusting to society.



Summary of This Article


The following is a brief description of the content of this article.


What happens when you overuse only your superior function?

If you are
The Extroverted Type

→The Introverted Inferior Function has self-centeredness or selfishness.

If you are
The Introverted Type

→The Extroverted Inferior Function has timidity or anxiety.



This article is simple, but the actual explanation by Jung is much more detailed and complex.

You may get interested in learning more after reading this article; you should carefully read Jung’s “Psychological Types” (especially chapters 10 and 11).



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