Welcome to Sloth Psychology!


I created this site many years ago in Japanese.

Now there is a convenient tool called Google Translate.

So you can now translate any site written in any language into your native language and read it.

However, since the grammatical structure of Japanese is very different from those of other languages, it is difficult to translate it accurately, even if you use Google Translate.

That is why I have translated this site into English myself.


If you are familiar with both Japanese and English, you may notice differences in content when reading the same article in both languages.

There is a reason for this.

Japanese people who think in Japanese and people who do in English have different ways of understanding the same concept.

Therefore, I did not translate directly from Japanese to English but changed the explanations considerably in the English version.


I have explained Jung’s Typology in an easy-to-understand manner on this site.

It will give you a deeper understanding of your personality type.

I still need to translate all the articles into English, but you can look forward to those English versions.



If you need help with where to start reading this site, please read the following articles first.